Tomorrow January 26, 2009, our law is to be passed at City Hall!


IFW will shut down since the school year is over……………………………………..

Psike! until bus idling comes to a close we will work our faces off to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bus drivers who thought this was the last draw you are wrong. We will not let global warming overpower us. No matter how old we are 25, 40, or even 90 we will continue on our quest to stop bus idling

Thankyou everyone who has helped us on this blog, whether it be commenters, writers, or viewers, they have all helped, and becaus of them, we are presenting our project to the Capital of New York State, Albany, hopefully, we can eventually present it to the UN!

This is all we have for you now, keep tuning in.

We at IFNYC (BB, GS, MM, MJ, etc.) have found out that London, like new york city, has an anti-idling campaign, and we would like to say GO LONDON!!!

You've been marked on my visitor map! World Viewers awesome!

Today, as we reach almost a thousand views, we would like to add a new member to our editing/writing crew. Proud to reperesent the Problem group, we introduce ST!!!! Previously a 1-time writer, he now has a full time gig here at IFNYC!!!!! Thank you!

ST, or suhbat is a techdude, and he is the star member of our editing crew. 😀
Please keep coming Back!

To make IFNYC an official website, we will start an Idle-Free fundraiser! Starting sometime in the next month, we will be selling food, souvenirs, and other cool things at our school, PS122 Q.
Please come with appetites and some cash! Money will go towards helping asthma patients, buying auxillary heaters and air conditioners for buses! We will have tourist items, or will try to!
Visit our school, and check the news page for updates on legality and other issues that might come up.

Wow, what a great day! We here at IFNYC visited City Hall for a press conference on IFNYC Day! It was awesome. We met Council Member Gioia and Council Member Jackson, got a tour of City Hall, and a lot of cool stuff. We were featured on “AM New-York” although they got a lot of information incorrect.  Well, at least we got a lot of views. Keep watching out for those killing machines, I mean…. Idling buses (Buses Idling, killing machines, same thing, right?)

As you know, BB posted a post 😀 about IFNYC day. This is what I found on a website for this event: “On April 22, Earth Day, 2007 Mayor Bloomberg announced his goal for NYC to have the cleanest air quality of any big city in America.” For this to happen, unnecessary vehicle idling must stop. It has to come both from the top with tougher idling laws and enforcement of those laws, and from the bottom with an informed citizenry that stops idling through self-control and social capital. Unnecessary idling must become as unacceptable as failing to pick up after your dog.”



Yes, it’s a real day!!! We just found out that in New York city, there is IFNYC day, part of “World Asthma Day”!!! It’s coming quick, on May 6th to be precise! On that day, we’ll have a special post!! IFNYC day is when the authorities ACTUALLY crack down on criminals (idling offenders)! So please tell all your freinds to visit this before putting their lives in danger by idling! So get some Coca-Cola, turn on your  TV, and stay at your house so you don’t idle in your car or bus!!! We are invited! Pretty ironic, because we have to take the bus. 😀

C02 emmisions are at their highest ever, and this new theory isn’t natural!
The top contributor is the U.S. and according to NASA and other sources, more is on the way. Help us in our strive to stop us from dying in buses, and getting killed!